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Martini Classic Vegas Tour & Fremont Street Experience

Martini Classic Vegas Tour & Fremont Street Experience

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Sip on perfectly crafted Martinis while soaking in the captivating history and vibrant atmosphere of downtown Las Vegas. We’ll take you from iconic casino bars to hidden speakeasies to learn fascinating tales of the larger-than-life figures who shaped the city’s landscape. You will have opportunities to photograph several iconic downtown landmarks.

Begin your tour enjoying scenic Las Vegas views while sipping on expertly crafted classic martinis. As the tour progresses, you will delve into the hidden gems tucked away in iconic casinos to learn about their history. Immerse yourself in the vibrant energy of Fremont Street, ending at the renowned Mob Museum for a brief tour and your final martini tasting.

ThisĀ Martini Classic Vegas Tour & Fremont Street Experience promises an enchanting blend of cocktail craftsmanship, captivating stories, numerous photo opportunities, and the undeniable allure of Las Vegas. Your knowledgeable guides will entertain you with Fremont Street’s colorful history, from its early days to its modern renaissance.

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