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Gallery Tour with Live Art Demonstrations

Exclusive Las Vegas Gallery Tour with Live Art Demonstrations

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Join us on this exclusive gallery tour of two distinguished Las Vegas galleries and delve into the captivating worlds of stone carving and marker illustration, guided by the hands and minds of acclaimed artists Sharon Gainsburg and Neal Portnoy. Tour includes live art demonstrations.

The Gainsburg Studio & Gallery: Immerse yourself in the world of stone carving with renowned artist and teacher, Sharon Gainsburg. Discover the age-old art of carving stone through hands-on experiences and guided instruction to unlock the secrets of transforming raw stone into mesmerizing sculptures. Witness the journey of a stone from a rough block to a masterpiece, all while delving deep into the creative process.

Portnoy Gallery: Step into the world of Neal Portnoy’s mesmerizing marker illustrations, where realism and imagination converge in breathtaking harmony. Admire the intricacy of his work as it captures the essence of entertainers, celebrities, and public figures, brought to life with the precision of felt-tip markers. Witness the seemingly impossible realism that Neal conjures from these humble tools. As you explore the Portnoy Gallery’s curated collection, you’ll gain insights into the techniques and dedication that elevate these illustrations to the realm of fine art. Tour includes one original Portnoy print per guest.

Whether you’re an aspiring artist or an art enthusiast in search of inspiration, this tour promises an immersive experience into the worlds of stone carving and marker illustration. Come, be a part of the magic, and uncover the limitless possibilities that art offers.